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 Cameras / DVRs / NVRs (2)

 What Internet speed should I have for my cameras to work decently on my phone/tablet?
[Anonymous] | 10-27-2016 20:26
As a good rule of thumb, take that the consumption of one device is about 1Mbps (High Definition cameras sometimes use a little more than that), and multiply by the number of devices that are going to be accessing the DVR simultaneously. That is the speed you want for the upload speed of your network. Not to be confused with the download speed, because in this case the DVR is not downloading, but uploading from your site.
 What are the basic components of a Camera System?
[Anonymous] | 10-27-2016 20:40
In the middle of the operations is the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which is the box that contains the hard drive where the video files gets recorded, and where all the cameras are connected, as well as a network cable connected to the router for the DVR to stream the video content to the phones over the Internet. The DVR is usually limited in the amount of cameras that supports: Usual limits are: 4, 8, 16 and 32 cameras. Obviously the system has at least one camera connected that is feeding video to get recorded and sent, and a power box is usually providing 12Volts/1Amp of power to each camera in separate channels, to make sure that each camera has individual power.


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